On Wednesday February 6 we presented our Tasting Plates 7th Anniversary in Downtown Vancouver starting off at Bonus Bakery Café where we all enjoyed some tasty plant-based treats after registration.

Bonus Bakery Café

Bonus Bakery Cafe

•        Blueberry muffins

•        Walnut brownie

•        Bonus cookie

Each of the restaurants participating had served up a selection of dishes as Tasting Bowls or Plates for guests to enjoy. Guests then had a chance to visit many different types of restaurants throughout the event, meet some new food loving friends, meet the chefs, and learn about each of the participating restaurants.

Davie Dosa Company

•        Adai – Sprouted Lentil Pancake

•        Avial – Coconut Veg

•        Chettinad Kara Paniyaram – Savoury Muffin

•        Kesari – Semolina Halwa

Donnellan’s Chipper

•        Spice bag

•        Taco fries

•        DC Burger

•        Breakfast roll

•        Battered sausage

Mumbai Local

•        Shev Puri

•        Prawns Rava

•        Chicken Lollipop

•        Shrikhand

Pacific Poke

•        Poke Bowl (choose from a specific selection of chef inspired bowls or make your own custom creation- available with any of our bases or toppings).

•        House Drink (choose one of the following: Coco Panda, Yuzu Lemonade, or Mango Mint Lemonade).

The restaurants and cafes featured unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

By: Richard Wolak

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