Chef Alex Cascia at Casereccio Foods

Last night we celebrated our 10th Anniversary @TastingPlatesYVR series with a dining tour around Vancouver featuring a selection of restaurants with delicious food and drink #TastingPlatesYVR

At Cold Tea Restaurant

they served some new dishes as a preview of their upcoming menu additions, both plates were delicious.

  • Steamed Arctic Char, ginger, romesco (nut free), pea shoots, scallion
  • Miso torched Eggplant, cilantro, scallion, crispy rice paper


At Shameless Buns restaurant

they served their popular buns; Mini Pandesal Bun with Sinigang Fries and House Made Sauces

  • Not your Lola’s Chicken Adobo
  • Tapa Dat Bun
  • Jacked up Coconut


At The Peri Peri Shack

They served up a feast of their delicious grilled chicken and other dishes that included

A plate of a Leg and Thigh with peri fries, chicken wing, onion rings as well as their tasty Chicken and Rice dish; and four of their sauces.


At Wicked Cafe

They served up a feast of desserts as well as one of their signature drinks that included

  • Tom & Jerry Cheesecake – our signature lemon souffle cheesecake (gluten-friendly)
  • Wicked Igloo – our signature white chocolate mousse with peach coulis
  • Apple Cinnamon Bun – a hearty classic with juicy apples, sweet raisins and maple cream cheese icing. Served warm!
  • S’mores Cookie – a big gooey cookie with marshmallow, chocolate chips and almonds
  • Moon Latte – our signature blend of 5 different black teas, cream and brown sugar


At Casereccio Foods

The served tasting cups of their award winning gelato by @gelatobyjames.yvr both yummy flavours; Sour cherry and chocolate and stracciatella gelato

The restaurants and cafes featured unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event. This was a fun night tasting around the city and we thank everyone who came out to mark tis milestone with us.

By: Richard Wolak

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