On Wednesday February 27, we presented our Mount Pleasant dining tour in our Tasting Plates series as we explored the area.  Started off the evening with some beverages along with savoury and sweet pastries at Papparoti after everyone registered.



·         Drip Coffee: Dark & Medium Roast

·         Fresh Healthy Smoothie called Go Bananas: consisting of Bananas, Dates, Almond Butter & Cacao & Almond Milk

And Food:

·         Spinach & Feta Pastry

·         Original Bun


·         Corn and cheese empanada

·         One taco

·         3 leches cake

·         Passion fruit and chia drink

Uma Sushi

·         Salmon oshi (pressed sushi with sockeye salmon, seared with creamy sauce, topped with jalapeño)

·         Tuna tataki (seared tuna with mustard soy sauce dressing, pickled onions and green onions)

·         Snow White roll (prawn tempura, mango, cucumber whipped with soy pepper, top with Aburi scallops and apple)

Westcoast Poke

  • Spicy Ahi Negitoro Bite

Fish: Ahi negitoro mixed with chili oil, Honey Gochu Sauce, Hawt Sauce, pickled red onio Topping: Yuzu guacamole, Maple Soy Sauce, nori, sesame seeds

  • Umami Albacore Toro Bite

Fish: Albacore toro mixed with Maple Soy sauce, Sambal

Topping: Wakame, Miso Ginger Soy sauce, sesame seeds, Avocado

  • Blackened Sockeye Salmon Bite

Fish: Torched sockeye salmon rubbed with togarashi and chili oil

Topping: Wakame, Spicy pineapple salsa, Lemon Pepper Aioli

  • Nori oil Atlantic Salmon Bite

Fish: Atlantic salmon mixed with nori oil, masago, toasted sesame seeds

Topping: Spicy wakame, Garlic Aioli sauce, fried onion, fried garlic, togarashi, furikake

The restaurants and cafes featured unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

By: Richard Wolak

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