On July 23, 2014 we presented our Tasting Plates Lonsdale North Van event that showcased 8 restaurants throughout the area.

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Despite the rainy evening attendees had a chance to explore the Lonsdale area, enjoy eats and drinks inside the restaurants throughout the night. They had a chance to meet many of the chefs, bakers and servers as they showcased the best of what they do in North Vancouver.

pier 7 food

Pier 7 Restaurant


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Compressed melon salad with yuzu

2)    Scallop ceviche

3)    Prosciutto Carpaccio

anatoli food

Anatoli Souvlaki


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Grilled Haloumi Caprese

2)    Avgolemono soup (chicken rice soup with egg and lemon) or Fasolada soup (vegan bean soup)

3)    Spanakopita

4)    Houmus + pita

fishworkd food 2

Fishworks Restaurant


Our Tasting Plate included:

Halibut Poutine

planto food



Our Tasting Plate included:

1) Smoked tofu caprese salad

2) Beets & feta

3) Wasabi spiced potato salad

4) Sesame soy corn & quinoa

the juicery food 1

juicery almond mylk

juicery juice

The Juicery Co


Our Tasting Cups included:

1) Strawberry Lemonade on tap

2) Mini Raw Cocoa Acai bowl

3) Vanilla Bean & Pear Almond Mylk

two daughters bakery food 4

Two Daughters Bakery


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Gluten free vegan donuts

2)    Gluten free vegan brownies

rosemary 2 food

Rosemary RockSalt


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)  Montreal Smoked Meat on a Rosemary Rocksalt bagel

2)  Lox & Cream Cheese on a bagel (variety of flavours)

3)  Sweet Rugelach pastry (variety of flavours)

district food 1

The Little District


Our Tasting Plate included:

Cod and shrimp fritters with spicy mayo

district 1

Guests had a wonderful time experiencing many unique and tasty and drinks throughout the evening.

Photos taken by Richard Wolak and Dianne Chow (see more of Dianne’s photos here).

By: Richard Wolak

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