On Wednesday May 9, we presented another exciting tour in our Tasting Plates series as we visited the Kitsilano neighborhood where guests ate delicious Japanese dishes including nigiri, plus Asian tapas, Vegan burgers, Cream puffs, teas, juices, and more.

Storm City Coffee

Apple Mint Shrub

Black Currant Shrub

Cream Puffs

* 2 kinds of cream puffs (vanilla and salted caramel)

* Shrubs (Your choice of Apple Mint or Black Currant -vinegar-based fruit infused drinks)


Super Hiro’s Restaurant

tasting plate

* Unkai (Rice Pudding) — savoury Rice pudding with shrimp, fish on top.

* Deep fried fish –Deep fried white fish with Italian parsley dressing.

* Sushi Nigiri — 2 pieces – Ahi Tuna & Snapper



Sencha Tea Lounge

Selection of teas


* Alishan Jasmine Green Tea

* Honey Camellia Milk Tea

* Assam Milk Tea

* Oolong Milk Tea

*Milk Tea are lactose/dairy free – we use coffee mate

tasting plate


*Teriyaki Chicken Donburi

*Sencha Chicken Wings

*Rice and greens


Be Fresh Market Café

Vegan burgers

vegan potato salad

watermelon juice

Holy Fudge dipped bananas

*Mini house-made Be Fresh vegan burgers, served with our Be Fresh vegan chipolte mayo

*Be Fresh vegan potato salad

*Juice Box Watermelon juice

*Be Fresh Holy Fudge dipped bananas


The restaurants and cafes featured unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

By: Richard Wolak

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