On Wednesday August 22, we presented another exciting tour in our Tasting Plates series as we returned and explored the Commercial Drive neighborhood.

Attendees enjoyed tasty dishes included pizza, poke tacos, bagel sandwiches, pulled pork tacos, and more after kicking off the event at The Drive Coffee Bar with some coffee beverages.

The Drive Coffee Bar

Your choice of one of the following:

* Small lavender London Fog

* Single Macchiato with an Italian biscotti on a side

*Raspberry Flat White

Single Macchiato

lavender London Fog

Raspberry Flat White

Daddy’s Kitchen

Your choice of any Two Poke Tacos from this selection

  • Britannia Taco — Fresh Ahi Tuna, Dice Avocado, Spicy Crab Salad, Edamame, Red Onion and top with Orange Miso Sauce & Wasabi Aioli
  • Dragon Breath Taco – Fresh Atlantic Salmon, Masago, Red Onion mixed with Sriracha Aioli. Kimchi, Pineapple and Birdseye chili.
  • Chipotle Prawn Taco – Sweet Corn, Black Beans, Olive, Cilantro, Dice Tomato & Avocado, Prawns and top with Smoke Chipotle Sauce


  • Thai Ice Tea


Rosemary Rocksalt

  • Mount Royal Sandwich – Rosemary rocksalt bagel with mustard and Montreal smoked meat.
  • Steveston Sandwich – Rosemary rocksalt bagel with dill cream cheese, smoke salmon, capers and onions.
  • Cheesecake


Pasture to Plate

  • Pulled Pork Taco gf -pulled pork in beer marinade, corn tortilla, farmhouse cheeses feta, avocado sauce, pico de gallo
  • Ethical Soda Kombucha

Hustle Pizza

You choice of 3 slices of pizza from the selection of these vegan pizzas below and other non-vegan pizzas on rotation.

  • FUNGI (VG)-

Truffled Alfredo, VG Mozzarella, Mushrooms, Roasted Cauliflower, Potato, Red Pepper & Vegan Parmesan topped with Fresh Arugula & Chili Infused Olive Oil


Signature Tomato Sauce, Slow Roasted Eggplant & Zucchini, Kalamata Olives & San Marzano Tomatoes topped with House-made Almond Ricotta


BBQ Sauce, Shredded VG “Pulled Pork”, Roasted Piquillo Peppers, Pineapple, VG Mozzarella & Red Onion

The restaurants and cafes featured unique and tasty dishes to our guests to eat and drink throughout the event.

By: Richard Wolak

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