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On July 9, 2014 we presented our Tasting Plates Central Richmond event that showcased 6 restaurants throughout the area from Bridgeport to Westminster Highway bordering No 3 Road area.

Chefs at the American Grille

Chefs team at CAVU Kitchen Bar

Allister Cave ( F & B Manager) & Executive Chef Robert Uy at The Apron

Serveing Wine Caesars at CAVU Kitchen Bar

Chef plating at Thai House

Baristas at Fresh Press Coffee

Coffee Pour at Fresh Press Coffee

It was a beautiful evening in sunny Richmond, attendees had a chance to explore the area, enjoy eats and drinks on patios and inside the restaurants throughout the night. They had a chance to meet many of the chefs, baristas and servers as they showcased the best of what they do in Richmond.

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Harold’s Bistro & Bar


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Five-spice rubbed tuna tataki with papaya relish

2)    Pulled pork sliders

3)    Italian meat ball topped with Asiago

And Paired with

Our Tasting Cup included:

4)    Somersby Cider

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The American Grille


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    House cured gravlax of salmon

2)    Poached Anjou pear on a Stilton crumble savory tart

3)    Roasted BC halibut, spaetzle, corn succotash and green pea puree

And Paired with

Our Tasting Cup included:

4)    Peach Breeze

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CAVU Kitchen Bar


Palate cleanser of Sour Cream Panna Cotta with local blueberries to begin

Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Chicken & Chorizo with malagueta, country relish, yucca, honey glaze

2)    Pineapple Upside Down Cake, coconut & mango gels, dulce du leche, crispy pearls, fruit leather

And Paired with

Our Tasting Cups included:

3)       Stone Road Chardonnay Blend and Meritage Blend, wine Caesars

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Fresh Press Coffee


Our Tasting Cups included:

1) Affogato

2) London fog

3) Pour over coffee

Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Almond Croissant

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The Apron


Our Tasting Plate included:

1)    Tamarind seared scallop, honeydew & calamansi gazpacho (cold)

2)    Sous vide pork belly, parsnip, white chocolate, cider jus (hot)

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Thai House


Our Tasting Plate included:

1) Chicken Satay

2) Shrimp Cake

3) Beef Lettuces Wrap

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Guests had a wonderful time experiencing many unique and tasty and drinks throughout the evening.

Photos taken by Richard Wolak and Dianne Chow (see more of Dianne’s photos here). See more photos from Kelly Marion here.

By: Richard Wolak

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