Our 9th Annual Noodle Mania dining tour around Vancouver took place at these restaurants and establishments on Wednesday night and here are the tasty plates and desserts they served.

At Crab Hot Lau they served the Northern Vietnamese specialities; Sea Crab Noodles Vermicelli (Bún Riêu của biển) and Red Brown Rice Sea Crab Noodles (Bánh Đa Cua Biển).

At Genki Eki they served the Japanese specialties;  Black Pepper Duck with udon in miso soup; with a side of Oden and a piece of Takoyaki.

At Nonna’s Cucina they served an Italian dish; Chitarra with Nonna’s classic meatball and pomodoro

At Hype Chocolate they served a very creative  HYPE BOWL with Vanilla ice cream, Blackberry Ginger Agar Agar noodles, Shimichi Togarashi spiced 55% Dark Chocolate and Gummy fried egg.

They also made a Spicy Ramen crunch Chocolate Bar 

The restaurants featured many unique and tasty noodle dishes to our guests throughout the event. Checkout our other tasting tour events here.

By: Richard Wolak

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