Our latest Dumpling Fest Vancouver dining tour around Vancouver took place at these restaurants and establishments on Wednesday night and here are the tasty plates and desserts they served. The evening tasting tour provided guests a chance to try many different types of dumplings from a select number of different cultures including Shanghainese, Greek, Indo-Chinese, Middle Eastern and Indian.

Nostos Taverna served a selection of Greek dumplings; Keftedakia (small fried meatball Greek style) served with Tzatziki, Tyropitakia (small cheese pie) and  Tiganites served with Greek honey and cinnamon.

Z and W Shanghai Kitchen served a selection of Shanghainese dumplings,  Pan-fried Dumplings (fs & leek), red bean pancake, scallion pancake, and for dessert a

Sweet dumpling.

Momo Factory served a selection of Indo-Chinese dumplings; a mix of fried and steamed, Chicken momo, Goat momo, Shrimp momo and Paneer momo.

Ofra’s Kitchen served a Middle Eastern dumpling plate featuring their Falafel with hummus, pita and pickles

Chai Ghai featured their Indian dumpling and chai, serving their Samosas with chutney along with a selection of Chai.

Check out more photos from the event here.

It was another fun night for everyone to visit the participating restaurants and eat some unique and tasty dumplings.

By: Richard Wolak

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