Our Asian Eats dining tour around Vancouver took place at these restaurants and establishments on April 19 and here are the tasty plates and desserts they served.

Crab Hot Lau served Northern Vietnamese specialities; handmade Nem Cua Bien (Crab Square Rolls); stuffed with crab meat, ground pork, shrimps, eggs, mushrooms, glass noodles, vegetables.

Momo Hut served these Nepalese and Himalayan specialties: Steamed Chicken Momo (Dumpling), Fried Vegetable Momo, Bhatmas Sadeko (Soybeans), Aloo (Potato)

Indian Oven served Indian and Indo-Chinese specialties: Gol gappa, Tandoori soya chap, Daal makhani, Mango chicken, Kashmiri pulao, and Spinach paneer naan.

Win Win Chick-N served their Filipino style specialties: Filipino style fried chicken in regular and spicy (chicken tenders, wings, drumsticks) fries, and Filipino-style macaroni salad

Check out more photos from the event here.

It was a fun night for everyone to visit the participating restaurants and eat some unique and tasty Asian dishes.

By: Richard Wolak

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