It was a memorable night as guests travelled around the city visiting restaurants in Chinatown, Mount Pleasant and Commercial Drive tasting many different types of dumplings. This Dumpling Fest held on November 9th and presented by Vancouver Foodster and Tasting Plates. The evening tasting tour provided guests a chance to try many different types of dumplings from a select number of different cultures including Chinese, Indian, Lebanese, Middle Eastern and Mexican.

At JamJar Canteen on Commercial Drive they served Lebanese and Middle Eastern dumplings featuring the Shish Barak: traditional lamb dumpling with yoghurt sauce, Falafel: our take on this classic chickpea dumpling and for dessert a Awwamaat: sweet dumpling in an orange blossom syrup.

At Bombay Kitchen Bar on Commercial Drive they served an Indian Tasting Plate of a Malai Kofta Dumpling with curry, rice, chaat puff and salad  

AT Floata Seafood Restaurant in Chinatown they served Chinese dumplings featuring a Chicken and vegetable dumpling and a Pork & chive dumpling with these dipping sauces: Black vinegar and Red vinegar 

At Maizal RMF in Mount Pleasant they served Mexican dumplings featuring a Mexican Empanada duo of Black Bean & Carnitas empanadas

It was another fun night for everyone to visit the participating restaurants and eat some unique and tasty dumplings.

By: Richard Wolak

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